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Unreasonable behaviour

Who does this apply to ?

To petition for divorce on these grounds of unreasonable behaviour, you must be able to prove that your spouse behaved in such an unreasonable manner that you cannot be expected to carry on living with them. You have to demonstrate which aspects of their behaviour made living together with your spouse extremely difficult or impossible. That means you need to make allegations against your spouse (the respondent) on your divorce petition. The most common are :

  • Physical violence
  • Verbal abuse and threats
  • Alcoholism
  • Failure to provide for their family

However, the allegations against the respondent need not be this serious for the court to grant a divorce.

For example :

  • Respondent spends too much time at work
  • Lack of common interests
  • Incompatible social life

If the accusations made against the respondent are not all that serious then it may be easier to reach an agreement on the divorce.

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