Questions for Peggy Lethier lawyer london

Questions for your lawyer

If you’re experiencing relationship breakdown or divorce then you probably have many questions. To help you, this list outlines the most common points for discussion during an initial appointment :

  • Should I divorce in France or in England / Wales ? Which country will be more favourable towards my personal circumstances ?
  • How long will the divorce proceedings last ?
  • Who will decide on the right to regular visits and overnight stays of the non-custodial parent ?
  • How will maintenance allowance, (pension alimentaire), be calculated ?
  • What will happen to my property ? Should I contact a notary in France or in my country of residence ?
  • How much compensatory allowance, (prestation compensatoire), will I get ?
  • How will I receive compensatory allowance if I don’t live in France ?
  • I no longer agree to a divorce by mutual consent, (consentement mutuel). Can I switch proceedings ?
  • I want my divorce to be over quickly. What is the best option ?
  • Is mediation an option ?
  • I am divorced and wish to move back to France with my children. What should I do ?
  • I want to separate from my spouse. Am I allowed to leave my spouse and move back to France with my children ?
  • My spouse and I both want custody of the children. Is it possible for our children to decide or to be heard by a judge ?
  • I am worried that my spouse is about to go abroad with our children without my consent. What should I do ?
  • My financial situation has changed since my divorce and I can no longer afford the maintenance payments ordered by the judge. What should I do ?
  • Am I liable for the debts of my spouse during the divorce proceedings ?
  • How can I prove that my spouse has left our home ?
  • Will I be able to receive part of my spouse’s retirement pension if I divorce in England and Wales ?

Peggy Lethier will examine your personal circumstances and provide you with a personalised answer which will enable you to gain an understanding of your rights and obligations in this French-English cross-border context.

For a confidential discussion about your specific situation or requirements, you can contact her by telephone or email : Contact