Amicable or contested divorce

Whichever divorce proceedings you choose, it is your lawyer’s responsibility to explain in detail the different stages of these proceedings and what they entail.

An insufficient knowledge of the legal system and the rule of law may result in spouses misunderstanding how divorce proceedings work, how long they last or what the possible outcomes are. A divorce that drags out over time is not only expensive, but also fuels disputes between spouses. Therefore, in most cases, the best solution is to try and reach an agreement.

Conducting negotiations in an environment where each party is able to communicate freely and where an agreement is reached between you and your spouse will have the dual advantage of avoiding surprises and of weighing up the interests of both you and your spouse. To this end, there are several possible options, among them mediation or collaborative law.

However, in some cases, the past or present behaviour of one of the spouses (e.g. violence, financial concealment, etc.) may prevent a negotiation taking place or result in the failure of any attempt to negotiate at all.